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A Fruitful Visit to the Coex Food Show 2022

Follow Axquisite on their learning journey to Seoul!

Coex Food Week 2022

The highly-anticipated Coex Food Week 2022 is an international food and beverage (F&B) industry trade show. It provides networking opportunities for local exhibitors in Seoul and overseas buyers in sectors like organic foods, baked goods and pastries, cultivated food products and others. Held in conjunction with the bakery fair, kitchen fair and food industry technology show, the Coex Food Show is the most established F&B trade show in South Korea.

Axquisite’s Participation in the Coex Food Show

Axquisite, a Singapore food distributor, is one of the participants this year. Echoing its brand mission of “continuously innovating and introducing game-changing bakery through the introduction of responsibly-sourced flavours to the gastronomic community,” the company seeks to extend its Taiwanese product offerings to include more international brands. With the reopening of borders, Axquisite now actively participates in various food exhibitions to learn and network with overseas  manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and OEM providers.

They saw the Coex Food Show as an opportunity to connect with Korean suppliers and keep abreast of the latest industry trends. As it is the company’s first time visiting, they have invited industry partners from NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to join them.

F&B Industry Trends

With a growing interest in health, the global food industry has pivoted to allergen-free products made from natural ingredients. Fermented foods that offer many health benefits, such as kimchi and pickle, are also in high demand. In response to the Covid lockdowns previously, Home-Meal Replacement (ready meals) are gaining popularity too. Axquisite has identified these industry trends as business growth opportunities and decided to go on a learning journey to Seoul, a country known for its quality produce, healthy cuisine and trendy food products.

Unique Exhibitions at the Coex Food Show

At the Coex Food Show, Axquisite discovered the Rainbow Cheese Cubes. They are made 100% from fruit and vegetable concentrate with no artificial colouring, fragrance and preservative. Besides the health appeal, the colourful cheese cubes are also aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the versatile ingredient can be used in many dishes, such as bagel spread or salad topping.

Rainbow Cheese Cubes

Another product that caught Axquisite’s attention is the Gold Leaf. This edible gold leaf is used for decorating beverages and confectionery. The company found the product interesting as it is customisable for different occasions. There is also the option to have the company logo printed, which helps in branding and product packaging.

Gold Leaf

Key Takeaways and Future Plans

Axquisite shared that it was a worthwhile trip to the Coex Food Show as they took away innovative ideas that are not yet available in Singapore. The company added that it is perennial for F&B retailers to regularly update their product offerings to remain competitive in the industry, where trends are short-lived.

Following the trip, the company intends to import, modulate and supply some of the innovative food products featured in the Coex Show to the retailers in Singapore. They are also inspired to create new recipes with the unique ingredients sourced from Korea. Additionally, there are plans to visit other international food exhibitions in the pipeline.

Axquisite opined that the learning journey is beneficial for business development and networking, and they would consider participating in the Coex show next year. Meanwhile, the company looks forward to sharing their insights with other industry partners.