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Axquisite, where the better place bake from.


Axquisite was established in July 2016 with Uni-President’s flour and other Taiwanese brands such as Everstyle, Tzong Hsin etc. as our core product in Singapore. Always pride itself in providing the finest and freshest Uni-President products and Taiwanese products to their customers amid Singapore’s ever – increasing demand for quality Taiwanese food products.

A team who believed in building their own reputation, Axquisite was gathered and produced the first sales catalog in house. With limited resources, the team walked to the ground and called on provision ships door-to-door to introduce this new entrant to the market. ​ Backed by quality Uni-President products and an exceptional operations team, Axquisite gradually gained wide acceptance by the market.

Purchasing Wholesale

We love establishing long term partnerships with retailers, bakeries, cafes, restaurants etc. who share our commitment to quality.

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