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AOP French Butter Les Milles Feuilles Puff Pastry Sheet 2pcs

AOP French Butter Les Milles Feuilles Puff Pastry Sheet 2pcs

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Made from AOP Beurre Charentes - Poitou

Since 1905, this butter has been made in the traditional style from the cream of a pasteurized miles from farms n the Poitou-Charentes, France, using natural culture and slow churning. The butter's quality and integrity benefits from the protected designation of origin label: AOP Beurre Charentes - Poitou. Butter Charentes - Poitou is distinguished from other butter by its strong smell of thick cream but also greater richness in lactose, which gives it fruity notes. The butter is 100% natural, with no dyes, antioxidants, or deacidification substances.

Baking instruction will be given, suitable for danish, croissants, bread & sourdough.

Package: 2pcs

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Butter, Water, Egg, Salt

  • 425g/each
  • L: 295mm, 11.61in
  • W: 195mm, 7.67in