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Maruta Sugiyo Rice Koji Amazake Honey 300g

Maruta Sugiyo Rice Koji Amazake Honey 300g

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0% Alcohol. Amazake made from koji is great as a drink, and is very suitable for use in health-conscious and guilt-free sweets, such as ice cream, dough for various sweets, and as a substitute for sugar. With Amazake as an ingredient, you can literally make mildly sweet treats without any sugar. In addition, Amazake helps to regulate the intestinal condition which leads to improved immunity.

Without using any sugar, "Pure honey", which has an antibacterial effect that suppresses the growth of bacteria and viruses, is added to the naturally sweet amazake made from rice. 

It's also an immunity amazake containing 1000mg of "Manuka Honey" from New Zealand, which has an excellent antibacterial effect among honeys. 

This product is derived from rice and may discolour. This does not affect the quality.

Warning: Not suitable for infant under 1 years old.

  • Ingredients: Rice, Rice Malt, Honey
  • Net Weight: 300g
  • Storage: Store in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight
  • Shelf Life: 180 Days
  • Country of Origin: Japan