Uni-President Flour (Vietnam)

Uni-President VN was founded in 1999 in Vietnam, producing goods such as beverages, wheat flour, instant noodles, and animal feed.  To meet the demands of the market and the company's expansion, Uni-President VN has built other facilities in Tien Giang, Ninh Thuan, and Quang Nam. As a result, their aquaculture industry is now spread throughout Asia.

At the time of entering Vietnam, Uni-President has seen itself as an enterprise in Vietnam, develop with Vietnam economy and taking care of Vietnamese peoples life. "Get from society must return to society" is the concept of the business, so annually, Uni-President often donates to charities helping the victims of natural disasters, funding for activities of the state In the long term, Uni-President has been building its general business model of aquaculture in particular and the future direction for the other industries in general.

Uni-President Vietnam European Bread Flour

Produced from premium French wheat, the Bread Flour has an aromatic French wheat fragrance. The flour gives the dough good elasticity and also easily manageable. It gives the end product a fine texture, good shape and produce a bright brown appearance after baking.

  • Moisture (Max): 13.8%
  • Ash (Max): 0.6%
  • Protein (Min): 10.0%
  • Wet Gluten (Min): 26.0%
  • Usage: Baguette, Vietnamese Baguette, European-style Bread, Croissant, Sweet bread

Uni-President Vietnam Customized Flour

In order to meet customers’ needs, we are able to produce specialized varieties. Choose from High, Medium or Low protein range product to suit your requirements. These flour grades are also suitable for foods and aquatic feed processing. Enquire now for further discussion about the specification and qualities you prefer. 

Uni-President Vietnam High Gluten #1

High Gluten Number One is a high quality flour with high gluten contain and good protein quality. The flour texture is fine and white. It has good water absorption that can easily form into dough, with perfect dough elasticity.

  • Moisture (Max): 13.8%
  • Ash (Max): 0.55%
  • Protein (Min): 12.5 - 13.5%
  • Wet Gluten (Min): 34.0 - 36.0%
  • Usage: Sandwich, Sweet Bread, Hamburger, Toast, Chinese Fried Bread Stick

Uni-President Vietnam Medium Gluten #1

Medium Gluten Number One is one of Uni-flour main products. It has good protein level, gluten and high water absorption. Flour is suitable to make French style bread as the flour gives the bread volume and good after bake appearances.

  • Moisture (Max): 13.8%
  • Ash (Max): 0.55%
  • Protein (Min): 12.5 - 13.5%
  • Wet Gluten (Min): 33.0 - 35.0%  
  • Usage: French Style Bread, Baguette and Pizza

Uni-President Vietnam Medium Gluten #2

  • Moisture (Max): 13.8%
  • Ash (Max): 0.55%
  • Protein (Min): 11.5 - 12.5%
  • Wet Gluten (Min): 32.0 - 34.0%
  • Usage: French Style Bread, Baguette, Sweet Bread, Noodle, Instant Noodle, and Wanton Dumpling Skins

Uni-President Vietnam Medium Gluten #3

  • Moisture (Max): 13.8%
  • Ash (Max): 0.55%
  • Protein (Min): 11.0 - 12.0%
  • Wet Gluten (Min): 31.0 - 33.0%
  • Usage: French Style Bread, Baguette, Sweet Bread, Noodle, Instant Noodle

Uni-President Vietnam Low Gluten #1

Low Gluten Number One is a special grade flour that is milled from the center of the wheat. It is white and fine that contain low ash count. It is also suitable for steam products and allow it to rise well. The end product will be fine, soft and good mouth bite texture. Cookies will be crisp and fine.

  • Moisture (Max): 13.8%
  • Ash (Max): 0.5%
  • Protein (Min): 9.5 - 10.5%
  • Wet Gluten (Min): 24.0 - 27.0%
  • Usage: Cakes, Chinese Steamed bread, Cookies, Fried pan cakes

Uni-President Vietnam Low Gluten #2

Low Gluten Number Two is milled from grade one soft wheat of the United States. The flour is fine and has low protein. It gives good appearance, soft and fine texture of products.

Uni-President Vietnam Cake Wheat Flour

Uni-President import high end U.S soft white wheat to produce the finest cake wheat flour to consumers. The flour has the finest low ash count, the flour is also white and fine. It allow the end product to be soft and maintains freshness after baking.

  • Moisture (Max): 13.8%
  • Ash (Max): 0.5%
  • Protein (Min): 8.0 - 9.5%
  • Wet Gluten (Min): 20%
  • Usage: Cake, Pastry