About Axquisite

Established in 2016, Axquisite specialises in the distribution of ingredients to the baking and food industry. Our core products include Flour, Pastes, Fillings, Chocolates, Flavouring & Colourings, and more. We always pride ourselves in providing the finest and freshest ingredients to our customers amid Singapore’s ever–increasing demand for quality ingredients.

Our Mission

To continuously innovate and introduce game-changing bakery through the introduction of responsibly-sourced flavours to the gastronomic community

Our Vision

To be the leading gourmet partner providing niche and quality ingredients, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Quality

    > Devoted to supply premium quality ingredients for bakery, pastry, beverage, ice cream, dessert and other applications

  • Award-Winning

    > Partner award-winning Taiwanese chefs and passionate bakers to lead demos and seminars

    > Introduce award-winning products to consumers

  • Support

    > Technical support for bakeries and production factories

    > Product customisation