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Tzong Hsin

Founded in 1986, specialize in manufacturing all kinds of high quality fillings, baking paralysis and premix powder. Carefully selecting high quality raw materials, introducing new automatic mechanical equipment to produce various high-quality products,  and having professional R&D and quality control team strictly controls customers to provide quality and safe products.

They also supplies a wide range of professional baking ingredients, based on business philosophy of customer priority and service first. 

Selected Filling Paste

Selected Filling Paste

Taro Paste (Bread/Cake)
Taro Paste (Pastry)
Red Bean Paste
Japanese Red Bean Paste
Roasted Sweet Potato Paste
Black Sesame Paste
Pumpkin Paste

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Selected Filling Paste

Assorted Pastry Filling

Japanese Red Bean Paste
Red Bean Milk Paste
Honey Sweet Potato Paste
Hokkaido Milk Paste
Ume Bean Paste
Matcha Paste
Red Wine Cranberry Paste
Milk Tea Paste
Yellow Peach Filling
Cheddar Cheese Filling

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Selected Filling Paste

QQ Mochi

QQ Original Mochi ​
QQ Black Sugar ​
QQ Coconut Milk ​
QQ Cheese ​
QQ Matcha ​

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Selected Filling Paste

Premix Powder/
Pudding & ​Jelly Premix

Mochi Bread Premix
Waffle Premix
Pudding Premix
Custard Premix​

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