Ever Style Foodstuff Industrial Co was founded in 1999 specialising inFood Additives / Food Color/ Flavor(Liquid and Powder) for bakery and beverage industry.

Establishing delicious food with appetizing smell

Ever Style is a professional flavor maker. Though addition of flavor is limited in foods, it is a key component in creating delicious taste. Even limited flavor addition can enhance the authentic taste of foods. Unique tastes, made from many combinations of components, is a kind of alchemy.

Develop and promote unique and flavor enhancing scents

The research and development of new scents is an ever flowing fountain. Top priority is to imagine how to use the flavors to establish more delicious food. As a professional flavor house, we employ the latest technologies to analyze the sources and combinations of inspiring new scents.

We offer a variety of baking ingredients

  • Flavor Series (Essence) 
  • Flavor & Color Series (Essence)
  • Powdered Flavor Series 
  • Bakery Additives

Certification and License

  • Food Safety System Certification 22000
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • Halal-Certified