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Tai Jye

Founded in 1988, specialize in manufacturing baking ingredients. They also supplies a wide range of professional baking ingredients.

Selected Filling Paste

Assorted Filling

Cranberry Paste
Cappuccino Paste
Dou Yong Paste
Green Bean Paste
Hokkaido Milk Paste
​Liquor Longan Paste
Matcha Paste
Matcha Red Bean Paste
Mushroom Paste
Mushroom Scallop Paste
Okinawa Black Sugar Paste
Pomelo Paste
Plum Paste
Pandan Paste
Pineapple Paste
Pumpkin Paste
Red Bean Paste
Red Bean Paste with Seed
Red Bean Seed Paste
Sugar Chestnut Paste
Sweet Potato Paste
White Lotus Paste
Yam Paste

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