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Taiwan Pineapple Tart Set B

Taiwan Pineapple Tart Set B

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  • Tai Jye Pineapple Paste (台湾土风梨陷) 1kg  
  • Uni-President Super Cake flour 1kg 
  • SCS Unsalted Butter 250g x 4 blocks

Uni-President Super Cake Flour 1kg

Product Information:

  • Ash content: 0.48%
  • Protein: 8.5%
  • Usage: Cakes, wafer cookies, western desserts, deep-frying batter, rice cakes.
  • Features:  Spreads well. Makes good, workable batter with fine structure and high moisture content.

Tai Jye Pineapple Paste 1kg

Pure pineapple 土凤梨 from Taiwan, which gives you the fiber, texture, and crunchy pineapple bite.

  • Ingredients: pineapple, malt, special sugar, soybean oil, trehalose, vitamin C, pineapple flavor
  • Applicable on baked goods and other food products.
  • Origin: Taiwan

SCS Unsalted Butter 250g

Since 1905, SCS butter has been gracing kitchens with the richest aroma and flavor, perfect for adding life to your favorite recipes.

  • Origin: Australia
  • Weight: 250g
  • Store in Fridge
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