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Yuzu Puree 500g
Frozen Yuzu Puree 500g
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Yuzu Puree 500g

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SIB Sun-in Frozen Yuzu Puree 500g

Fruit purees and pulps are selected from premium varieties and processed using only fresh and fully ripened fruits. Our purees either comes in 100% fruit content, or sweetened with 10% sugar and other blends, in both frozen and aseptic pack. Wide applications in mousse, pudding, beverages, ice cream, macaron, dessert, plate decoration and many more, it’s just fresh fruits in liquid form.

Shelf life: Frozen 24 months

Storage: For frozen: -18°C, After defrost of frozen puree, product to be stored at ≤ 5°C and consumed within 48 hours. Do not refreeze after thawing.