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Jarrah Pure Honey TA+35 Sachet (15 x 13g)

Jarrah Pure Honey TA+35 Sachet (15 x 13g)

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Jarrah Honey is distinctive and exclusively found in Western Australia. This type of honey possesses some of the highest levels of natural antioxidants and antibacterial components in the world, which contribute to its anti-aging effects and potent bactericidal capabilities.

Karibee honey is recognized as Medical Grade Healing Honey, offering numerous health advantages, which include:

  • Treating various skin infections and cuts 
  • Alleviating gastric ulcer and mouth ulcers
  • Easing sore throat and cough
  • Possessing anti-aging and anti-fungal properties
  • Being beneficial and suitable for individuals with diabetes

Additional information:

The term "Total Activity (TA)" is used to measure the antimicrobial quality of natural honey. It can be compared to a scale for killing bacteria, where a higher TA indicates greater antimicrobial strength. The antibacterial properties of honey are derived from natural enzymes, including glucose oxidation as chemicals present in the honey. Honeys with a TA greater than 15+ possess beneficial antimicrobial properties, and these properties become more effective as the TA level increases. Jarrah honey, which has a high hydrogen peroxide level, can inhibit the growth of Golden Staph Bacteria. To facilitate healing, one can directly apply Jarrah honey to wounds or topical ulcers.

Product Information:

  • Halal, HACCP certified
  • Net weight: 195g (15 x 13g)
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dark place below 25°C  
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Country of Origin: Australia
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