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Lescure Ming Chen Low Sugar Jujube Red Date Paste 1kg

Lescure Ming Chen Low Sugar Jujube Red Date Paste 1kg

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The best and effortless handmade dessert ever for family and friends during Chinese New Year gathering - Jujube/Red Date Walnut Candy 🧧🧨🏮

Only 3 Ingredients needed:
1000g Lescure Ming Chen Jujube Paste
500g Maltose Sugar Syrup
500g Diced Walnut

Black dates and red dates are seedless and ground in a ratio of three to one, combined with AOP French Lescure Butter. After six hours of refining and cooking, the filling gives off a perfect sweet and sour taste (black dates are slightly sour, red dates are sweet).

  • Dense and delicate melts in the mouth and the filling exudes a perfect sweet and sour taste
  • Using AOP French Lescure Butter
  • No artificial coloring, no artificial fragrance
  • Suitable for mooncake, all kind of Chinese pastries
  • Ingredients: Black Dates, Sucrose, Red Dates, White Phoenix Beans, Soybean Oil, Maltose, Honey, Lescure Butter, Viscosity Agenet (Corn Gum), Trehalose
  • Net Weight: 1kg
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan.
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