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Oxygen Absober 500 pcs

Oxygen Absober 500 pcs

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Oxygen Absober 500 pcs

Product Information:

Made with food safe and non-toxic materials, O Sorb can be packed in direct contact with the food itself. Its 4-layer multi-laminated, leak-proof, oil proof and waterproof packaging allows oxygen to be captured while preventing the contents from leaking out.

When placed in an airtight packaging, it is effectively able to prevent food spoilage. That would mean O Sorb is able to retain flavor, color, aroma, texture and quality of food products.

The lack of oxygen will prevent the growth of any mold and other bacteria found in food. Without mold, fungi and bacteria, the food’s shelf life will increase; allowing longer storage.


O Sorb sachets are suitable for:

● Spices

● Dry Pet food

● Bakery products

● Pharmaceutical products

● Dehydrated food and nuts

● Jerky and processed meat products

● Natural cheeses and other fermented dairy products

Directions for use:

Before opening, check if the oxygen indicator is pink in color. If it is purple, there has been a leakage and the oxygen absorbers will not work.

Store your unused O Sorb sachets in an airtight / vacuum sealed container after opening to prolong its effectiveness.

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