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Shan Shoei Honey 600g

Shan Shoei Honey Flavored Syrup 600g

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Shan Shoei Honey Flavored Syrup 600g

  • Ingredients: Fructose, Honey, Flavor, Caramel Pigment
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Suitable for Food & Beverage Application: Cake, Cookies, Bread, Beverages (can be used in place of simple syrup in many cocktails, mojitos, iced tea, lemonade, other cold drinks)
  • Several purposes in baked goods: Flavor, Sweetness, Color, Aroma, Moistness, Tenderization, Leavening, Substrate for fermentation, Sheen

Some considerations to keep in mind when using honey in cooking and baking:

  • Baking temperature should be reduced to discourage excessive browning in the oven
  • It should be added at the beginning of the mixing process to make it available to yeasts and support the leavening process
  • The acidic flavor of this ingredient may be offset by adding ¼ teaspoon of baking soda