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Tzong Hsin Brown Sugar QQ Mochi 1kg

Tzong Hsin Brown Sugar QQ Mochi 1kg

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Combining with the ancient taste of Taiwan, brown sugar smells of faint sugar cane and roasted sugar, with an aftertaste lingering in the mouth, while mochi has excellent ductility and freezing resistance, and it is resistant to roasting and has a silk-drawing effect after high-temperature roasting. , Suitable for filling inside or making bread and pastry with distinct layers to increase the taste and flavor.

Suitable for wrapping bread or fresh cream, all kinds of pastry cakes, Chinese cakes.

  • HALAL, ISO22000, HACCP Certified
  • Net Weight: 1kg
  • Storage: Can be stored in room temperature or freezer before opening. Please keep in freezer (-18°C) after opening.
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
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