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Tzong Hsin Taro Paste 3kg (For Bread and Cake)

Tzong Hsin Taro Paste 3kg (For Bread and Cake)

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Strictly selected taro from Dajia producing area in Taiwan. When entering the factory, taro must undergo pesticide inspection to ensure that the finished product has no doubts about pesticide residues. The original natural flavor of taro is preserved, and its flavor and quality are good. The taro paste is soft, Q, and good in mouth, making it the best filling for taro cakes and breads. Suitable for making cakes and breads. All kinds of bread, pastry cakes.

Product information:

  • Halal, ISO22000, HACCP Certified
  • Ingredients: Red Bean, Sucrose, Maltose, Soybean Oil, Trehalose, Salt, D-sorbitol Liquid 70% (Sweetener), Sodium Alginate, Calcium Sulfate, Acidic Sodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium pyrophosphate, Quality Improver (Sodium Acetate, Sodium Citrate, Vinegar, Fatty Acid Glyceride, Silicon Dioxide, Disodium Succinate), Flavor (Spice Sidiol)
  • Net Weight: 3kg
  • Storage: Keep frozen
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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