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Uni-President French Style T55 Flour Singapore 22kg

Uni-President French Style T55 Flour Singapore 22kg

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France is Europe's greatest agricultural country and is known as the "Corbeille à Pain de l'Europe," or Europe's breadbasket. France has been a healthy home for the fat and golden French wheat thanks to the excellent soil and plentiful sunshine in the Paris Basin. Uni-President imports top-graded French wheat and grinds it meticulously to ensure the highest quality and taste.

Ash content: 0.55%
Protein: 10.8%
Usage: Baguette, various crusty European bread, Danish pastry, croissants, pie crust, etc.
​Features: French local wheat and American Hard Red Winter wheat are ground and combined for a blend that is best for making baguettes. It is naturally yellow in color, and the French-style flour has a sweet flavor that emanates with the rich wheat aroma. Easy to shape, easy to use, good oven spring.


Shelf Life: 90 Days (Our flour are unbleached and do not have any preservatives)
Storage: Store in the fridge to extend the shelf life for another 2 - 3 Months