No-Bake Snowskin Mooncake

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Preparation time: 90 minutes
Servings: 27 Pieces


Snow Skin Dough
250g Snowskin Premix (Awesome)
275g Water
180g Sugar
90g Shortening
(Optional) Colorant Powder

810g Low Sugar Jujube Red Date Paste (Lescure Ming Chen)
405g Original Mini Mochi with Salted Egg Filling (Tzong Hsin) OR
945g Taro with Salted Egg Lava Filling (Tzong Hsin)


Pour water, sugar and shortening into a saucepan. Boil till you see bubbles, and stir till sugar is fully dissolved.


Pour mixture into a mixing bowl and adding snow skin premix. Slow speed beat for 1 minute, turn to medium speed and beat for3 minutes till the dough is smooth.


Transfer the dough onto a cool surface. 

Tip: Lay a piece of clear plastic wrap on your work surface to prevent sticking.


Separate the dough into 3. Gently blend the colorant powder into 1/3 dough using stand mixer paddle attachment, or knead in by hand. 

Tip: If the colour is too light, add a little more colour and continue mixing until the desired colour is reached.


Spread some corn flour onto the dough and rolling pin. Use the rolling pin to flatten the dough, and shape it into a round disc.



Take each 30g of Jujube Paste Ball, and press into a round disc with your palm.

Place 15g of Mini Mochi in the center of the paste circle, and press the edges of the paste together to close the opening.

Step 7


Place the filling in the center of 30g dough circle, and repeat the above step.

Step 8

Use a mooncake mold (75g) to shape the finished product.

Brush the inside of the mooncake mold with corn flour, and shake off any excess flour. Place the mooncake ball into the mold.

Ensure the open side is facing down on the plastic wrap work surface. Gently press down the spring bar on the mold. Lift the mold, gently press the spring bar to push the mooncake out of the mold. Continue this process until all the mooncakes are assembled. 

Step 8

Enjoy your Snow Skin Mooncakes' sweet and savory flavor combo!

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